2019-nCoV: What are you doing in preparation?
None of us will know how bad this could possibly get.  I'm hearing now that medical personnel are finding evidence that the virus is transmitted via human feces.  That may mean that in the USA, due to our public sanitation, that the infection won't travel far. 

My hope is that it will go by and spare us all, but the forcible quarantine of 56+ million people in China makes me consider otherwise.

My aunt and grandfather were sickened during the SARS epidemic in 2003, and my aunt ended up dying.  I never really saw any local evidence from H1N1, however.

I believe that since it is within my means to prepare for the eventuality of supplies becoming thin in this region, I can without moral concern do so. 

I was mainly curious about a line in the sand as to when to miss Holy Mass.  There are so many sick people that come to Church that it's almost a constant infection risk from a variety of things anyway.  I thought that the way 2019-nCoV has been treated as more serious by the WHO and CDC, than say the seasonal flu, that perhaps there is a greater risk of debilitation and death should the novel Coronavirus enter the local community.
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