2019-nCoV: What are you doing in preparation?
I work in healthcare myself, and am not panicking yet about the novel coronavirus. If it's spread like other more harmless coronaviruses, it's spread by droplets, just like the flu. I wear a mask at work already. If we started having cases in my area, I'd just wear a mask out in public too. I bought some bleach wipes to disinfect light switches, doorknobs, things around home that people touch a lot. Both sinks at our house have chlorhexidine soap set out. Wash your hands, friends. A LOT. Stop touching your face, biting your nails, ect. Don't kiss people or share drinks. Disinfect your cellphone regularly. Common sense things. I'd be more afraid of it was airborne tramsmission...

We never saw SARS in our area, but many people got H1N1, myself included. It was the highest fever I think I've ever had. Most people I knew recovered fairly well, but that was within my circle of mostly healthy high school students.
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