2019-nCoV: What are you doing in preparation?
While I have found articles that are supportive of the idea that this virus is quite unusual, I am hopeful that the quarantine and isolation efforts will be effective at stopping the spead and decreasing the number of people affected.

That being said, there is another concern:

If these efforts to control the spread, do become a bit ineffective and stricter measures become necessary, we could soon have food and other necessities in short supply. One of the methods to stop spread of the virus would be a limit on trucking and other means of passing on materials that could be contaminated. The virus does appear to have a very prolonged life on open surfaces, up to a month.

If shipping gets curtailed or even eventually stopped, things could get difficult, even if you or others are not infected.

Personally, living in Florida, most of us are 'preppers' already, since we have threats from hurricanes and the ramifications of such storms can limit one's ability to have food and electricity available. I've been restocking my supplies, while things are still available and moderately inexpensive, getting ready for the next season to begin in June anyhow.

Things get more expensive and less available has threats get more evident. Its always good to have canned goods at hand.

They are usable, well after the 'use/sell before date' and can be easily stored in a cool, dry place. Most are edible right out of the can and do not need preparation in a pinch.

A few gallons of laundry bleach are great for making disinfectant solutions as well.
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