I've been chided and warned against slander for certain statements I made and perhaps should not have made about the Ukrainian priest last week. I talked with my pastor about what had happened and his reaction was shock and disbelief wondering are we not all in union with each other? An old Ruthenian deacon said about my entire stay at that Ukrainian parish that the Ukrainian priest is a "problem", he could be subject to sanctions if a complaint is carried out, and he could even be cold toward me.

Of course, in the analysis of the reasoning he gave to refuse me to commune at his parish, it did seem like he was putting Ukrainian Catholic faithfulness against Melkite Catholic faithfulness. My pastor even asked about writing a letter to the priest but I said that I'd just start coming to the Melkite parish on Sundays. But given the nature of the circumstances, is it inaccurate to say that the priest was acting schismatically?

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