BREAKING: AG Bill Barr Directly Targets George Soros… It’s Finally Happening (?)
George Soros definately is a scourge on the world's freedoms. He has been at the center of a lot of very serious controversy and mostly it is very 'progressive', read: Communist.

If what is stated in the following article comes to pass, it would, indeed, be 'about time'!

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BREAKING: AG Bill Barr Directly Targets George Soros… It’s Finally Happening

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(Gateway Pundit) – Far left billionaire George Soros has been systematically targeting district attorney races throughout the United States. Many of his backed candidates have won their races and are causing havoc across the country.
This week US Attorney General Bill Barr spoke with Martha MacCallum on FOX News. Bill Barr called out George Soros for subverting the legal system in the US and creating more crime and violence.
Via Jack Posobiec.
Attorney Bill Barr is right!
Soros-backed District Attorneys are causing mayhem across the US:
St. Louis –
[Image: stlouis.jpg]
Chicago –
[Image: chi.jpg]
St. Louis again –
[Image: stl2.jpg]
Boston –
[Image: boston.jpg]
Philly –
[Image: phil.jpg]
And St. Louis again –
[Image: stl3.jpg]
Soros also backed the new District Attorney in San Francisco — Bill Ayers’ stepson Chesa Boudin.

Is it any wonder why Soros groups are banned from entire countries?

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