Divine Mercy Chaplet and Offering the Divinity
I am not a fan of the devotion, so won't defend it's orthodoxy, except to say that given its obvious connection to the Eucharist, and quoting of the Council of Trent in the prayer, and that Our Lord Jesus Christ did not offer merely his body and soul as The Sacrifice, but His whole Person, and that is a Divine Person with a Human and Divine Nature, I fail to see where there is heresy here. Ambiguity, indeed, but not heresy.

I would object to the suggestion that those of us who do find in it an over-emphasis on the universal mercy without clear emphasis on the need for reparation as "Jansenist".

I would also remind you that you need not accept any penance if you find it too difficult or objectionable. It is imposed and assigned, but you also must accept it for it to be given. You are always welcome to suggest to the priest that, given your particular devotion to the Sacred Heart you would like to be assigned a certain number of Litanies of the Sacred Heart or Chaplets of the Sacred Heart instead, if that is possible, since it would accord with your existing practice more.

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