Divine Mercy Chaplet and Offering the Divinity
I have kind of a bias against the devotion, so take what I say with some caution.

I personally don't care for the Divine Mercy devotion. It over-emphasizes God's mercy to spiritually unhealthy degrees, and I find it redundant when the Sacred Heart devotion already exists in a widespread manner in the Church, which also emphasizes God's mercy. There's also a lot of heterodox things in Sr. Faustina's diary, such as her 'vision' of the Eucharist comically jumping out of the tabernacle and her severe fixation on becoming a noted saint in her convent. There's just something spiritually disordered about Sr. Faustina when you read what Doctors of the Church, such as Sts. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, wrote regarding Divine Union. She comes across as way too fixated on human respect.

I think the prayers in themselves are fine and orthodox. But, again, there's older devotions out there like the Sacred Heart or the Eastern Jesus Prayer which accomplish the same thing without over-emphasizing one of God's qualities over others.
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