Divine Mercy Chaplet and Offering the Divinity
(02-04-2020, 05:30 PM)XavierSem Wrote: It's quite similar to St. Gertrude's Prayer: "Eternal Father I offer You the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son Jesus, in Union with the Holy Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, especially those who are going to die this Day [Month/Year], for all within my own Home and Family"

St. Gertrude's prayer doesn't have the problematic ambiguity of offering the divine nature of the Godhead to the Father. 

I can understand offering the divinized humanity.  If the prayer was worded as such, I could comprehend it.

I prefer to stick to other devotions until the matter is clarified.
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