Divine Mercy Chaplet and Offering the Divinity
(02-04-2020, 07:28 PM)XavierSem Wrote: Well, both prayers are already fully approved by the Church.

There's at least a fair question on that.

The prayer comes from the diary which the Holy Office forbade from being circulated. Some claimed it was due to a faulty Italian translation, and that was later cleared up by a Theological Investigation.

The problem is that that investigation was urged by and then managed by John Paul II before he was Pope, who was previously on record as a devotee of the Polish nun. He appointed his own priest to investigate, but one who also was promoting the devotion. One of the first acts as Pope was the approval of the devotion. So, while, yes, it was approved by the Pope, there is not a very honest processes that led to this, so to say "It's approved" is as good as saying "It's valid" when it comes to a Mass. It's a pretty low bar to hit.

Not everything approved is good, and especially in the Modern era, approval does not automatically equal orthodoxy.

As everbecoming pointed out, the problematic phrase is precisely not in the prayer of St Gertrude, and indeed, not only does it omit the offering of the Divinity, it also more clearly connects the offering to the Mass, which is the ultimate Sacrifice of Christ.

As said before, I don't think it heretical, but everbecoming has a very good point, and in fact, your mentioning of the St Gertrude prayer makes that point stronger, seeing a certainly orthodox prayer does not make such a reference, but instead and unlike the Divine Mercy prayer, specifically ties itself to the Mass. It is worth noting that this is an important point seeing as the New Theology behind the Novus Ordo Mass is to treat it at least as more of a meal, and less of a Sacrifice, so to have a prayer that seems to say, "Father, I am offering you the Eucharist" rather than "I am offering you the Body and Blood of Christ in union with the Sacrifice of the Mass" only further suggests the novelty of this, and possible heterodoxy.
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