San Francisco Freakshow Gets Freakier: Antifa Thugs Attack a Volunteer Trash Cleanup
One of the main reasons I left the left back in the late 60s, was because I could see a glaringly wrong ideology being run by ideologues. These people love to virtue signal and dis other than their views, but in the end, all this virtuous stuff, well, they leave it up to someone else. Ya, they'll send a 'cause' money, usually if it is 'leftist' enough and you can read that as "communist enough", but when it actually comes down to doing something about an issue; no, let someone else do it. They'll come out and yell and scream, disrupt and demonstrate. The songs of Kumbya have been replaced with chants of "Hell no we won't  ______ (fill in the blank) and they'll destroy and now even physically attack anyone who dares to actually try to fix the issue, clean up the mess, they'd rather just throw money at.

Then of course, surprisingly, that money ends up in some politician's pockets.

Here's a rather well done video on the subject. Its one of those ones that make you just shake your head in disbelief!

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