What was your religious background?
What was your religious background?

I was raised nominally Oneness Pentecostal.  My great grandparents, both of whom had been ministers, developed my early childhood faith and relationship to Christ. 

Eventually I was unable to reconcile some Pentecostal views to the scriptures I was reading, which are complex and sometimes difficult to understand.  I still love reading the scriptures. 

Eventually, since my Oneness baptism was invalid in its formula, I was baptized in a traditional Episcopal parish adhering respectively to Rite One as well as the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  I was catechized one on one by the minister, and taught an Anglo-Catholic perspective. 

I was taught and adhered to the Daily Office.  But when I sought guidance and turned to the sources of distinctively Anglican tradition, such as the 1662 prayer book or Articles, I discovered a Protestant faith rather than the Anglo-Catholic one, or at least an ambiguous theological stance on many important issues. 

By the time I converted to Catholicism, I had only to accept the extraordinary magisterium and communion with the Pope.  Otherwise I was theologically a traditional Catholic.  For the most part, I carry on and pray as a Catholic exactly as I did as an Anglican except my schedule makes it difficult to recite the Office regularly. 

I had positive experiences in my Episcopal parish and terrible experiences coming into Roman Catholicism, but now that I have access to a traditional Roman rite, I am flourishing as a Catholic and I feel liberated to follow my true convictions and conscience.

It is a responsibility and a privilege to cast myself on the mercy of the Lord, beseeching his help through prayer and sacrament.
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