What was your religious background?
I was 'raised' Catholic, aka not too much except for my Father, who himself was able to do so because he converted himself from Protestantism and with Dr Scott Hahn's conversion story.

Even then I always believed in God, but I never took it too seriously, or perhaps that's not quite accurate, seriously but I only knew bits about Our Lord and nothing at all of private revelation from the saints, as I had never read the Gospels and only got bits and pieces from Mass that I would forget.

There were just many moments in my life that pushed me closer and closer and I guess still do, major one instigating it was when at the Catholic School I went to we watch the Mel Gibson film 'The Passion of the Christ' (probably one of the very few actual Catholic things that occurred, if it were up to the School alone I wouldn't be Catholic) which had a considerable impact on me and than at the end of my High School years I was given a New Testament and Psalms book which I read multiple times (protestant version, nevertheless it got the job done). Then reading saints and their private revelations etc etc.

I guess that's the best I can sort of sum it up so far in my life.

God Bless You
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