What was your religious background?
What beautiful stories, and so encouraging.

I am a cradle Catholic--these days, no guarentee of faith. How my devout parents hung on, I have no idea; they did what they could, in the only way they knew how. We were raised in the N.O., attended Catholic schools where possible, and the proof of this is that of five children, I am the sole remaining Catholic.

I would have fallen away too, and indeed was heading out the door, when I became involved with a Freemasonic family. Naturally at first I didn't know this--they had presented themselves as Lutherans, and the daughter, a lovely girl in so many ways, was my best friend. Her father was a 33rd degree; her mother was also a higher-up. Both were sweet and kind until I married her younger brother; then it became plain that my Catholicism stood in the way of family harmony. To my horror, I was hated for my faith, my husband had married me only to please his mother, and when she changed her mind and decided I would not do after all, he abandoned every pretext of love.

But a funny thing happened: the more they pushed, the more Catholic I became. I won't recite the litany of persecutions that served as catalyst; others have seen worse, I'm sure. Not knowing any better, I stayed in this sham marriage for eight years, until a priest tipped me off that I was a classic case for annulment. I was shocked; by then I had four daughters.

Nowadays I really am married, and while the girls are grown and all stubborn atheists, I am convinced that the Lord and His Blessed Mother will sort it out. Please pray for Masons of every stripe; they are enslaved in the most ugly manner imaginable and even think nothing of killing those who get in their way.
Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
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