What was your religious background?
Born and raised in a conservative Lutheran church of the ELCA. Became nominal after age eleven. Stopped attending completely after thirteen. When I was 18, I regained interest after attending a historic German Lutheran church in NYC and became fervent, but a series of setbacks and heartache forced me to return home, and left me becoming an anti-theistic (think Chris Hitchens) agnostic (aka "mad at God").

Strangely I wound up looking into Judaism when I was in college and living in the city, (probably because I sought religion, but still was mad at Jesus) and was on the path to converting to Conservative Judaism. However, I had to move back home and there was no Jewish synagogue nearby, also I was starting to find myself drawn back to Christianity when during Rosh Hasshana and Yom Kippur I realized that Judaism was lacking something that I felt as a Lutheran. I felt 6000 years of history, but I didn't feel God, and so I began to consider Christianity again.

I knew from my time at the historic German Lutheran church that I could not go back to any kind of Christianity, unless it had an emphasis on good Liturgy and Doctrine. ELCA was definitely not the truth because it began to allow homosexual clergy and unions. So it left me with WELS or LMS. I could never go to WELS because I didn't see the pope as the anti-Christ, and there was no LMS nearby, or one that had a good liturgy. My mother who was a lapsed Catholic (I didn't know at the time) suggested either Episcopalianism, or Catholicism. I couldn't be Episcopalian, so that left me with Catholicism. Ironically the liturgy was worse than ELCA Lutheranism that I was used to, but I knew it was the true.

There is far more to this, but I'm too tired to write it all. A lot of it involves little Catholic practices ingraned in my life growing up that was unbeknowst to me such as: St Christopher medals, praying to Saint Anthony, my mother's Rosary in her purse, my grandfather's house that had more statues of the saints and the BVM, and crucifixes than most abbeys.
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