What was your religious background?
(02-07-2020, 06:51 PM)everbecoming2007 Wrote: I studied and dabbled in neo-pagan spirituality and ritual, too, and read about Thelema, but while these practices were enriching in some respects, I never experienced transformation which is my desire.

Ah yes, Thelema. I looked into that a bit thanks to my complete obsession with the band Behemoth. While I found the symbolism of the occult interesting, thanks to my atheism (I guess), I still found the rituals ridiculous and found the concept of magick to be absurd nonsense (thank God). So I never actually practiced Satanism or Occultism, but definitely had some belief in them ideologically and spiritually.

The best way I could explain my belief of Satanism/Luciferianism was similar to a non-practicing Christian. Where there was a, misplaced, faith in the entity but no real outward ritual worship, if that makes sense. So I would essentially do what was akin to mental prayer to Lucifer by contemplating him, but much of that energy was channeled through the kinds of music I listened to as well. For example, I recall having an experience after I was a baptized/confirmed Catholic when I listened to the black metal band Emperor again. I suddenly felt really distant and empty, and my wife noticed a change in me too and asked me what was wrong. It was like a weight or pressure on me. So I ran upstairs and prayed to St. Michael before a crucifix and it immediately lifted. So do not let anyone tell you that music is just music. It honestly can have a heavy spiritual effect as well.
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