What was your religious background?
I was born and baptized Catholic, and I always considered myself Catholic. My mom is also a cradle Catholic, and my dad was raised Lutheran but became agnostic in his adulthood. They took us kids to novus ordo mass every Sunday (we rarely missed) and we were catechized the best my mother knew how. We didn't have many family rosaries or distinctly Catholic prayer time at home, but we did read the bible. I guess it's because it was what my parents had in common.

Most of my mom's close friends were protestant, so we went to protestant functions from time to time too. For many years I attended Bible studies organized by Bible Study Fellowship international. We went to protestant services with her friends sometimes too. Not knowing any better, I kept responding to Baptist altar calls, feeling like I needed to come back to God when I'd been sinning.... after a handful of times I realized that my own parish had something much better for that problem :LOL:

Once I was approaching confirmation, I became more concerned with intellectual questions of the faith. I distanced myself from a lot of the Protestant things I'd been involved with. I was hungry for truth and answers to big questions. When I was presented to the bishop for confirmation, I knew to be a Catholic was to fight a spiritual battle, so I asked him to make me a soldier. 

Afterward I dabbled in the Catholic charismatic movement for a while. Our parish youth functions were led by people with charismatic leanings. It felt nice, but I never fully jumped in for a number of reasons. My brother had just apostasized to pentecostalism. From what I witnessed, protestant charismaticism seemed spiritually, emotionally, and theologically unstable. It ruined any kind of charismaticism for me in general. Personally, I felt like it fed into my struggles with vanity as well. I couldn't forget a particular warning my dad once gave me either. He'd been involved in the occult as a young adult, particularly pursuing psychic abilities. He told me to never, ever seek out that kind of stuff, because, "Once you look into the void, the void will look into you." I worried that seeking after "God experiences" was too similar, and remembered the Gospel warnings against seeking signs. 

My last year of high school I was introduced to the extraordinary form of the Latin rite and fisheaters. Latin mass gave me my husband, my childrens' godparents, and a place that finally feels like home. Fisheaters formed my prayer life, kept me sane, and kept me from becoming a toxic trad :LOL:
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