What was your religious background?
I have to give an honorable mention to my grandmother as well. She may not have known everything about the faith, but she was a devout Catholic who loved our Blessed Mother. She was a convert from Methodism in the Pre vatican II days, and my affinity for Acbp Fulton Sheen comes from her. I fondly remember afternoons at her house, where every afternoon at 3pm she'd settle into her recliner to pray the rosary. I didn't often pray with her, but I sat with her, enjoying the peace in her house on those afternoons. She was my godmother, and a deep well of calm in my life during my parents difficult divorce.

Her death was probably the final push toward where I'm at now. When they were wheeling her back to surgery, she said to us all something like, "I hope to see you all in Heaven someday." After that, I knew I couldn't disappoint that sweet woman. Those were her last words to me. After surgery, she suffered a long agony and never recovered. I remember her and pray for her when I wear the mantillas I inherited from her at mass and use my grandfather's old missal.
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