What was your religious background?
There are millennials here!!!! That’s what struck my husband and I when we first started attending TLM a couple months ago—there are so many people of our generation going! And they have babies!! Lots of babies!!

Cradle Catholic. Wandered around starting in college because Catholicism got attacked by various professors at my SUPER left-wing college, and I was a doofus at defending the Church. But then I was completely dissatisfied by every alternative for the next five or so years. And I mean like, every. I was a scientist until I went into the Navy so I was very thorough in my research. A few years ago, for whatever reason, I started reading the complete works of St John of the Cross. I prayed that God would make me His friend. St John is right—God will answer that prayer so be ready for your life to change! The process for me needed to be painful. I have many sinful habits that have needed to be burned away.

I’d had a traumatic sexual assault experience as a girl, and it left me with tinges of Manichaeism-like opinions (my body as sinful, shameful, and a source of pain). Funny enough, donning a veil the first time brought me to tears, because that, combined with the birth of my child, made me see my body in a new light—as something sacred and life-bringing. God works with woman in an amazing way, and I get to celebrate that as a Catholic. No where else are women so valued for what they are born uniquely able to do.

The more I study our faith, the more I love it and am convinced of its truths. Our history, our liturgy, our devotions...Christ and His Church are intoxicating. I have received such a gift to have access to the Eucharist and the glory of the Catholic Church.
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