Exclusive: Vatican Bishop Defends Giving Communion to Pro-Abortion Argentine Presiden
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Sure, take a seat lol

Like I said above, A Pope who fought Communism, Abortion, Euthanasia etc and shared St Faustina's revelations as St Pope John Paul II did is clearly not someone who has the destruction of Christ and His Church in their heart.

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Yes, he did do at lot of good. BUT, the bad things that you do greatly outweigh that good - especially if it leads eventually to the loss of many souls, which clearly it has.
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'"The [Argentine] president is not excommunicated, so I can give him Communion,” Bishop Sorondo insisted. His pro-abortion policies have “nothing to do with it,” he said.'

And this shows the Bishop's deficient understanding of sacramental theology. An excommunication publicly declares what already is. To partake of the Eucharist means that one is bound to the Lord's body. To be refused to partake means one is not bound to the Lord's body and is severed from it. This is what is called Communion. The Bishop, by refusing, has authority to excommunicate and leave the Argentine president in outer darkness. He clearly doesn't even grasp his own power!
Nobody here has said that John Paul II intended the destruction of the Church. But a Pope who is negligent in his job is not exercising heroic virtue, and isn’t a model for how Popes should act.

John Paul II wasn’t stupid. He agreed with Vatican II and the new Mass and it’s theology. That doesn’t mean he was an atheist or pro-abortion or other unorthodox things. One can be orthodox in some matters and not see the problems in other areas.

From my OP, 'Remember that this is the same vicious, anti-Catholic idiot who said that "Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese". (source).'

On 5 October 1998 Sorondo was appointed Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (which deals with Catholic Social Teaching).

And who personally consecrated him Bishop and appointed him to these high offices? Oh, that's right, that great Catholic hero who always had the good of Christ's Church in his heart, John Paul II.
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