"The Triple Myth" concerning Cardinal Stepinac
Quote:That's a shame to hear that friends viewed you as a traitor.

That was just before most of them stopped speaking to me altogether.

Quote:You said you have mixed feelings about him. What don't you like about him? Were you disappointed with him being beatified?

I wish he had spoken out more against the Ustaše. They adapted Pobedonostsev's solution to the Jewish problem in Russia. A third of the
Serbs were to be killed, a third expelled and a third converted to Catholicism, forcibly if necessary. Estimates vary, but they killed somewhere between a quarter and a half million Serbs.

They established concentration camps for the purpose. Andrija Artuković was Minister of Justice and of the Interior (controlling the police). His favourite tactic was to raid a Serb village on Sunday morning when the
villagers were at Liturgy. He'd ship the women and girls to a concentration camp and then he and his men would enter the Church and bludgeon the males to death with sledge hammers. He was one of only two men that I know of that the SS considered to be 'too' cruel (the other was Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach of the Kruppwerke).

As an aside, Artuković lived out most of the rest of his life in safety and comfort in the US, protected by, amongst others, Richard M. Nixon and James, Cardinal McIntyre. When his crimes became well enough known that he was deported back to Yugoslavia (still under the Communists), he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted because of his age. Now, THAT disappointed me.

However, I was not particularly disappointed at Bld Alojzije's
beatification. I assume he sincerely repented of his sins of omission, and may very well be in Heaven.
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