Ex-child star names Hollywood paedophiles
I really hope that Corey comes through all of this alive. There are very powerful, evil forces surrounding this issue and they are extremely well financed and influential.
He is coming out with an exposing film about his and other 'child' stars, who were sexually exploited, in numerous ways.

Lets hope and pray, the perpetrators of this horrid abuse get their comeuppances.

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Ex-child star names Hollywood paedophiles
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Corey Feldman, 48, says he has hired 24-hour security ahead of the release of his new documentary in which he revealed who raped him and his late friend Corey Haim when they were child stars.

Feldman has fought to get his documentary, My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys, made amid legal issues surrounding the former child star actually naming people he says are responsible for abuse he suffered as a kid.

The documentary will screen just once, on March 9.

Feldman, who starred in movies like Stand By Me and The Goonies as a child, says he promised his good friend Haim 11 years ago that he would publicly reveal the abuse they suffered if he died before his former child co-star.

Haim, who starred in several movies with Feldman, died in 2010 following drug and alcohol battles.

Feldman claims there have been multiple attempts on his life by people who don’t want the truth to come to light.

“There are things you have to do for insurance reasons when you’re putting out something like this. This is very, very dangerous stuff and it’s very risky stuff. You know we have to have 24-hour armed security, we don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he said.

“Of course we have fear, there’s been two attempts on my life. There obviously could be more, we hope not but we don’t know what’s going to happen … It’s scary, it’s very, very scary.”

“I am able to say the names of who did what and the details of who did what,” Feldman said of the film. “There is going to be people who are going to be very unhappy that this is coming out. People who want it silenced. Nothing can stop it at this point.

“That’s why we’re only showing it one time. We want to get it out. I’ve done my job, I’ve kept my promise,” he said.
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Before I knew anything about what happened to Corey Feldman and Haim, along with the widespread abuse of child actors, I always thought their fall from fame after growing into adulthood was the reason so many seem to go off the deep end.

Now I see some very broken men (and women) who had their innocence ripped away from them. God help them. I hope this coming to light brings justice to those who committed these acts.
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^--- I concur.
DO NOT PANIC. Ten minutes after the polyandrists/polygamists/polyamorous win their right to "plural marriage" at the Supreme Court in 2029, the pedophiles will start clamoring for their "rights"

Then Hollywood can claim they were just ahead of the curve, while railing against the Catholic Church's abuse crisis.
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