Proof of God's rather masculine sense of humor
I should warn any women posters that you will no doubt find this disgusting.

Recently I've been praying about pride, a sin I think I'm thoroughly awash in and have been asking God to help me work through.

The solution He seems to have come up with is to give me a certain bacterial infection called C. Diff.  It comes as a result of using certain antibiotics, one of which I was recently prescribed as a consequence of some dental treatment.  The infection is resistant to antibiotics, and can last as long as three months.  I've had it so far all this month (February) and it shows no sign of abating.

The most alarming and obvious symptom is uncontrollable and very smelly flatulence.  It seems as if God has made me into an ambulatory f*rt joke.

If that doesn't teach me humility, I don't know what will.  But you see what I mean about His very masculine sense of humor!

Deo Gratias!
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