Tobacco health benefits?
I found this article,it seems trustoworthy since it gives a lot of sources and real life examples. I dont smoke much,but sometimes i want to start cigars,theyre not as expensive as id thought.
the same site has other articles regarding tobacco being beneficial.
For that one article there are probably thousands upon thousands that talk about the dangers of smoking. I mean...pick your poison. I don’t judge anyone for it, because I’m diabetic and I love to eat and I’m not giving up my breads and my desserts anytime soon. Still, I won’t claim that diet is healthy.
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(02-21-2020, 02:49 PM)xsantiagox Wrote:
I found this article,it seems trustoworthy since it gives a lot of sources and real life examples. 
Precious few actual citations, lots of gross characterization of motives behind other studies.

No, no, no. Even if the mechanism between tobacco smoke and cancer were unknown (which it isn't) that wouldn't disprove the obvious causal relationship.
I am retired, but when I was working I was an RN and an RRT, Registered Nurse and Registered Respiratory Therapist.

That being said, I took care of a whole lot more people with lung and heart problems than I wished I had. Many of these folks had COPD; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or more commonly, Emphysema. The overwhelmingly common cause of this particularly thoroughly awful disease IS smoking of tobacco products.

Let me give you some facts about tobacco and its known effects on the cardiovascular system:

Nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals known to man. It is an organic poison. I live in Florida and in the old days, befor DDT and other engineered chemical insecticides, they used to spray the citrus groves with tobacco juice and lay tobacco leaves all over the ground in the groves to kill the insects. It killed everything that was not a plant.

One puff on a tobacco product, inhaled into the lungs, paralyzes the 'cilia' (the hair-like fibers that evacuate debris from the lungs) for 6 minutes. That same smoke contains large amounts of carbon based toxins that due to 'rain out' collect in the terminal airways, the smallest areas, of the lungs. This is why many smokers wake up coughing, since the nicotine effects have lessened while they were asleep and the lungs are trying to cleanse themselves of the debris left over from a day's smoking. Some heavy smokers awaken during the night to smoke, because they are awakened from sleep by this urge to cough. In both cases, the first puff stops the cilia and the cough, usually, as well.

All those burned oils conglomerate in lung tissue over the years and have been shown to promote the development of cancer cells. They also obstruct the removal of air from the alveoli (the grape-cluster-like formations where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged) and terminal airways. This causes hyperinflation of these structures making them to become like flaccid balloons that no longer function well. You only have so many of these and once destroyed, they don't come back. The fewer you have, the less ability you have to get oxygen in and carbon dioxide out of your blood stream. It also effects the way that blood flows through your lungs and can cause stress on the heart and the nicotine can also cause the blood vessels in your heart to spasm (close up) and shut down blood supply to that important muscle. If that is bad enough, it will kill muscle tissue and you will have an MI or myocardial infarction...a heart attack in the vernacular. As a cardiologist I once worked with said,"Dead meat don't beat".

These breakdowns of function and structure occur over time and in some people it happens quickly and in others many years, but odds are, if you smoke you will have some degree of damage directly linked to how much you expose your lung tissue to tobacco smoke. Problem is, cigarettes and tobacco products in general have this addictive nicotine in them and they can promote a psychological addiction too, due to the 'ritualistic' behaviors associated with smoking and the oral gratification as well, which can be big motivators to hook you even more.

Let me just say, to make this more succinct: Back in the 40s and 50s, there used to be TV, Radio and written commercials with medical doctors, sports and movie celebrities, promoting how good smoking is for you and how trendy and desirable it is to smoke. Many of them died of complications of COPD, heart disease or lung cancer soon later in the 70s and 80s.

You figure it out.
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