Cafeteria Catholicism
I just don't get why these people ( even bother......

A raging feminist thinks she can pick and choose for herself what the "Catholic label" entails. Worse part is she goes on to write an article trying to justify her nonsense....
Local anti-feminist.....if you think women deserve special treatment without any accountability for their actions expect to hear from me!
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“The priest, a local celebrity among the moms of Long Island, decided to get political during his homily—Harvey Weinstein had just been accused by several women of alleged sexual assault, and the priest wanted to comment. “Let us pray for all the women who have been victims of sexual assault,” he said.
[i]Damn straight[/i], I thought as I bowed my head. 
“And for all the men who may be wrongly accused at this time.”
My head snapped right back up. I didn’t walk out of the church, but I really wanted to.“

She lost me there. It is as though liberal women’s problems are so severe that a man’s problems can’t possibly really be serious. She’s as sexist as the caricatures she imagines men to be and until she recovers from her own stupidity I have no interest in anything that self-righteous moron has to say.
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Sounds like she needs our prayers. But of course, everybody does!

Deo gratias!
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The term you're looking for is "Pro-tes-tant."
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