Restorers Try to Get Lunar Module Guidance Computer Up and Running

In 1976 in a warehouse in Texas, Jimmie Loocke bought two tons of scrapped NASA equipment. Years later he realized it included a computer from an Apollo lunar module, like the one used to guide the lander to the surface of the moon during Apollo 11. Fifty years after that mission, computer restoration experts in Silicon Valley are trying to get his computer working again.

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That is fascinating!

It reminds me of my early days, working at Lockheed and as an inspector, using their IBM 360-50 to do calculations on parts I was inspecting for the L-1011 airliner. We had to 'book' a time to get on line with the machine. Inputting data was tedious and exacting. Most of our calculations were done on a slide rule, but I remember the mechanical calculators, that worked out square root calculations by digital mechanics. It is astounding that these guys got this computer to work after all these years of degradation of the hardware.

Really cool!
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