The Illumination of Conscience or Warning Prophesied by many Saints.
(03-01-2020, 07:13 PM)Teresa Agrorum Wrote: Medjugorie: I have friends on both sides of the aisle, and the willingness (negligence, really) of Rome to leave the question in murky waters makes me mad; a lack of concern for truth and the welfare of souls across the board is a hallmark of this pontificate.

And no, I'm not convinced by the official permission for pilgrimages. [/font][/color]The events there have been condemned more than once, and now there is an exhaustive study that the Pope has not bothered to publish--all we get is innuendo and 'leaks' without context. What could go wrong?

Some genuine Marian apparitions or locutions have been initially doubted, but eventually all doubt was easily put away because of a scrupulous scrutiny of things which started from a point, not of doubt, but rather presumption of the falsity or purely natural characteristics. It was the weight of the evidence that shifted things the other way, and quite clearly so, such that no Church-approved apparition or locution really has any serious case for doubt associated.

That's not the case with Mejugorje. Rather, it is full of ambiguity, it has been condemned, it has been investigated, and things have only become more doubtful.

Every other genuine Marian apparition has a handful of messages and visions. Usually this is less than a dozen messages, often just one or a few. The messages are short and to the point, the subject matter is clear. There is a clear purpose for the apparitions (build a shrine, promulgate a devotion, institute a feast). The apparitions end. Most often the seers then take up a consecrated religious life (though there are a few cases, like La Salette, where this did not happen), if they were not already in such a life (personal opinion : I think this lends credibility to them, because the seer then rarely is able to profit, financially or otherwise, from the apparition, so even if they do become known, they are put under a superior and their lives heavily restricted by the vows, and this helps with their sanctification because of the heavy Cross imposed). Those personally involved with helping the seers are usually quite reputable and holy persons themselves, especially the clergy. When bishops and clergy put restrictions, they were always followed, even by Our Lady.

In short, no other genuine Marian apparition looks like Medjugorje.

The apparitions and locutions are now going on for decades, are frequent, and the person/thing appearing like to talk. A lot. There is no clear purpose to the apparitions. The seers have become personally famous and have benefited financially and otherwise. None of the seers entered religious life. The family lives of the seers are not above reproach. The priests early associated were, quite simply, perverts who were not living anything like a virtuous life. Some of the messages are theologically erroneous. It has been condemned various times, and when restrictions were put in place by the hierarchy, they were regularly violated by the seers, pilgrims, the clergy involved, and the thing/person who was appearing/speaking.

It looks nothing like a La Salette, Fatima, Lourdes, or any other genuine apparition, and much more like what human ingenuity, or worse, could devise.

That's why, while I'm not going to lash out at some pious person who thinks well of Mejudgorje (because perhaps they are just ill-informed or poorly formed), when it comes to apostolates or religious or priests who suggest there is value in it, that's a huge red flag in my book, because these people should know better, and should know to do their homework before promoting such things.
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