Pope Francis: “Never engage in dialogue with the devil”.

I’ve read the above article that quotes Pope Francis today.
Surely, we can all agree, these words are very good.
The advice we have from the Holy Father here is absolutely essential for those who wish to engage in the spiritual battle against the forces of darkness.
The best approach to the devil and the demons is to ignore them, plain and simple.
That doesn’t mean you don’t pray for spiritual protection (e.g. the “Auxilium Christianorum” prayers), or that you aren’t careful to avoid the near occasions of sin.

However, it would be utter insanity to try to argue or debate the devil or a demon.
We’ve been alive for just a blink of time.
These creatures are ancient.
They’ve seen plenty just like each one of us before, and they have plenty of snares and tactics up their sleeves to move us to pride or anger.

One particularly good piece of advice: “Fight all your battles with love”.
Maintain a humble and contrite heart, and the demons will likely soon get sick or bored with you.

Excellent words from the Holy Father.

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Ok, what stink bomb is he about to throw at the Church now?
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