Messianic Jews and Catholicism
What is the church's official stance on Christians or Catholics who observe Jewish feats and law completely?

St Thomas Aquinas calls the works of the Mosaic Law and the Jewish religion "mortua" (dead) from the death of Christ on the Cross, but "mortifera" ("bringing of death") from at least the destruction of the temple. This is why the Apostles initially continued to go to the temple for prayers (because the death of these acts was not clear to all and they needed to preach Christ), and only with the destruction of the Temple was it clear that the Jewish religion was over, since the temple itself was gone and the Old Testament sacrifices necessarily stopped.

In short, it would be a mortal sin against Faith, because a rejection of Christ, to practice the Jewish religion as a religion, and the reason is that the Old Law was a preparation for the New, and was fulfilled by the New. To return to the symbol of what was to come, when it has already come is to reject what has come.

So, if one were to follow Jewish dietary laws, perform circumcison, keep the Jewish feasts, offer animal sacrifices, or perform any of the other Jewish rites/follow the Jewish laws as if these were still pleasing to God and obligatory, he would commit grave sin.

To materially perform those actions, understanding them as useful or beneficial in some way is not to practice the Jewish religion. For instance, to have one's child circumcised for reasons other than trying to keep the Jewish law is acceptable. To keep Kosher because you think it has health benefits is fine.

The feasts and rites, though, become more problematic, because these have been perfected in the Church by greater feasts which clearly include the notion of Jesus Christ. So I think it would be dangerous to celebrate Yom Kippur, when we have Lent and the Ember Days and Vigils which serve a similar purpose of atonement for sins, but are connected directly to Christ and his Sacrifice for us.

Further, there is the risk of scandal for others, which is the whole issue with the Judaizers in the Acts of the Apostles and thus one of the reasons for the Apostolic Council of Jerusalem.

So in summary, to materially perform these actions is not wrong (if there is some sufficient reasons and no scandal), but to formally participate in the Jewish religion (to perform these things as an act of religion or as if they were pleasing to God) would be a grave sin against the Faith and an implicit denial of Jesus Christ.
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(03-03-2020, 03:17 PM)Tolkien1096 Wrote: What is the church's official stance on Christians or Catholics who observe Jewish feats and law completely?

If they observe them as an act of religion, they have sinned grievously against the faith and fallen into heresy.
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