4 machines about to revolutionize the way we prepare food
Okay, this looks like a joke, but it doesn't appear as though it is. Star Trek replicators for food? We got 3D printers that can make rocket engines, so now the Israelis have come up with this:


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4 machines about to revolutionize the way we prepare food
3D print veggie meat or burgers that taste like the real deal, shape a cake to your exact specifications or prepare a complete meal in three minutes.
By Abigail Klein Leichman December 2, 2018, 8:40 am
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Eshchar Ben-Shitrit grew up on a kibbutz where his mother ran the dairy farm. He observed the strong bond between cows and their calves, and this memory triggered something in him when he became a father four years ago.

“When my first son was born I felt it was not possible to eat meat anymore. I felt I’d be eating someone else’s child,” Ben-Shitrit tells ISRAEL21c. “I got obsessed with finding a solution for people who enjoy meat, like me, but don’t want to eat animals.”

[Image: eshchar-boy.jpg]Eshchar Ben-Shitrit as a boy in the kibbutz barnyard. Photo: courtesy

Using professional expertise honed at printing companies including HP Indigo and Highcon, Ben-Shitrit quit his job earlier this year and founded Jet-Eat. Working with food scientists, he’s developing 3D printing technologies to produce plant-based “beef” with the approximate appearance, texture and mouth feel of cattle meat.

“We need to make a steak without killing a cow,” he says, pointing out that the 20,000 liters of water and 20 kilograms of feed necessary to produce 1 kilogram of meat is horribly inefficient and wasteful. In addition to using far less water and raw materials, his product would contain hardly any cholesterol, more fiber and none of the risks of contamination that come with fresh meat.

[Image: jet-eat-ground-beef.jpg]Plant-based “ground beef” produced by Jet-Eat’s unique technology. Photo: courtesy

 Ben-Shitrit’s technology is not the same as cultured or “clean” meat manufactured from live animal cells, although this is another rapidly advancing industry in Israel with startups including Jerusalem-based Future Meat Technologies and Tel Aviv-based Aleph Farms and SuperMeat.

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Amazing, although I don't know how nutritious they would be compared to the originals.
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Sounds like Frankenfood to me. :( If you don't like the idea of eating meat, just stop eating it and learn to like vegetables.
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That kind of food doesn’t sound too good. It doesn’t sound as bad as a food product brand name like “Ben-Shitrit” though.
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"I felt like was eating someone else's child."

I get that its wrong to mistreat animals, but they are not people and were put on this earth as food for man. This is just insanity.

As for the device, eh, it's cool I guess. I feel bad for the poor guy whose job it is to PM and clean it though.
I've tried veggie burgers a couple times lately (the soy-free ones, mind you), and they're not bad. I personally feel really bloated and lethargic after red meat, so it's a welcome change to me. Although I'm skeptical about a future where food is formed from a nondescript "food paste" by a machine.
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To turn plants into a high-protein meat substitute so that the food supply can be more secure, and poor can have access to high-quality protein id est every pauper can eat steak for dinner, is a noble endeavor.

To turn plants into "meat" because you are a stupid hippie who thinks animals are humans, is just stupid.
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