Pray for family that lost an unborn baby
The traditional Latin Rite family that runs St. Clare Heirloom Seeds in Wisconsin has lost its newest member, an unborn baby. The company has shut its doors for the time being.

Please offer a prayer for them and for all families that have lost an unborn child. +JMJ+
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My dearly departed wife and I lost our first son, Justin, at 5 months gestation. The details are horrendous, but I do understand how they must feel. May Our Lady of La Leche bring them comfort!
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St. Clare Seeds will reopen on Monday. They sent this message today:

Quote:We thank everyone for the hundreds and hundreds of emails we have received sharing their condolences and offerings of prayers. We ask that you continue your prayers tomorrow as we go the hospital to induce delivery of our little one as it is not happening naturally.

By the way, I have purchased seeds from St. Clare; all their seeds are heirloom varieties, organic and open-pollinated.
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