Woke up feeling like a cold is coming on
Hi everyone, 

Would you kindly remember me in your prayers when you pray for the fishies? I’ve been feeling perfectly well and pretty much going about my business, while washing my hands like there’s no tomorrow (haha) - sanitizing them, wearing gloves, disinfecting my surroundings as much as i can (definitely missing spots/impossible to get everything) — I work with elderly people whom are probably little threat to me, since most don’t go out much. Anyway this morning one of my ears was a bit painful, which frequently happens whenever I’m about to come down with a cold. Also have the tingly sensation when a cold sore is trying to start — another common sign of the beginning of a cold. I’ve of course canceled work & this may well be my cue to stay home indefinitely. It’s somewhat reassuring that these are familiar symptoms, no fever or cough. So my prayer is that this is just a plain cold and will remain so and pass. Thank you fir your prayers & I have remembered everyone here at Mass when Mass was still available, and will now tuck you all into my Rosaries.  :pray2:
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Prayers, of course.  But also some advice: take tons of vitamin C.
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Will pray for you during my rosary, MM!

I woke up last week with the sinus pressure and scratchy throat and did my magic cure:

1.  Take Zicam several times a day.

2.  Drink Gatorade all day long (don't usually do sugar but I know from long distance cycling it can really help a fatigued body)

3.  2 or 3 times a day put a wet washcloth in the microwave until steaming hot.  As soon as I can put it on my face without burning myself I do so and press on the sinus areas then repeat 4 or 5 times.  ***This has been the biggest help of all.  I find that if I can do this early enough, I can cause the mucus to drain and avoid it just sitting there and getting infected or going into my ears or lungs etc.  It kind of melts the stuff and is far more effective than hot shower, pot of steaming water...etc.  A doctor gave me this tip years ago and I haven't had a major cold or needed to take antibiotics since!
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Thank you!! 

So I’ve been taking right along:
Vitamins C, D3, K2, zinc, olive leaf extract, L-lysine — washed down with a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar. 

Keep lips slathered with Lysine ointment as am prone to cold sores. 

Have had a pot of chicken soup going the entire winter — i put the juice of a whole lemon into each bowl. (A Greek thing & super healing.) 

Sauerkraut frequently (Vit C + good bacteria)

Vit C lozenges. (Haven’t located any zinc lozenges yet.) 

Throat coat tea, licorice tea, holy basil tea (drunk from Our Lady of Perpetual Help mug to make it extra holy :)  )

Just started mincing garlic cloves and washing them down with seltzer + apple cider vinegar. Will do as many times a day as i can stand.

Will have to look into Zicam. The hot facecloth idea is great, will try that too. Thank you, but most of all thanks for your prayers!!!
Eat some jalepenos too
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