What food do we need to survive?
While considering your foodstores keep in mind you can't live without:

Carbs:    0    you can live your whole life with no carbs whatsoever

Protein:   Yes, you will stunt growth in children or even die without protein

Fat:   I believe a certain amount is necessary and I know for sure that it curbs hunger all day.  A spoonful of butter can             last you till nightfall.

Also, if you are like most Americans and have some extra weight on your belly, you can intermittently fast and make your food last longer.

So try fasting until dinner and eating one large meal a day.

Or try eating only every other day.

Or you can fast for several days in a row even as long as you are taking in adequate hydration.

Your body will go and eat the fat cells in your belly like a pacman!

That's why it's in storage after all.   :D

And fasting can create new stem cells in adults!

But the big bonus is you can offer it up for deliverance of evil in yourself, your family, the Church, the world, and the souls in Purgatory!!!

But y'all knew that already  ;)

Fasting is easier if your body is in ketosis which you can read about online. 

 If you focus on eating low (under 20g a day) carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein for several days your body will turn into a pacman fat eating machine rather than a sugar eating machine.  When you've adjusted after a few painful days to living without sugar you can fast and not feel hungry at all. 

A moderated fast, which I use, is to have some coffee with butter in the morning so you get some caffeine and fat to keep you full and energized all day.

I can't go and find the backup sources to this right now, but this info comes from my research this past year.  Feel free to add info...
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***Nota bene***I have NEVER been able to fast without fainting or getting close to it, and getting hypoglycemic and shaky and all that jazz, until I finally tried it when I was in ketosis.

I couldn't believe how easy it was!  

Except for finding things to do instead of eating, thinking about eating, getting food ordered or ready to eat....there is all this extra time.  So find good activities to keep you busy. :)
I like this guy's take ~ built an ark

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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The best part about fasting (besides saving souls of course) is that it prolongs your life!

How?  Autophagy

Quote:Induces autophagy
Wait – autophagy? What’s that? Put simply, autophagy is the natural regeneration process that occurs at a cellular level in the body. It can help reduce the likelihood of contracting certain diseases, as well as prolonging lifespan.

And this is where one of the most exciting applications of time-restricted eating reveals itself: the extension of a person’s lifespan.

Studies in rats have demonstrated that intermittent fasting can help them live longer. How much longer, you ask? In one study, rats that fasted on alternate days lived 83% longer than rats who didn’t fast. Read that again: 83%! We can finally understand why intermittent fasting has grown its roots amongst the anti-aging crowd.

Dr Jason Fung is the go to guy for all things about fasting.  His site will help you set up a program after you take a short quiz.


So if you want to increase your IMMUNE SYSTEM's ability to protect yourself against viruses and inflammation and other diseases, get on a fasting program!  :D

Bonus:  Innoculate yourself against the evil one at the same time!  

What better time to start than Lent/Holy Week?

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