Shorter Litany of Saints at TLM
Rituale Romanum (1962) mentions the missal for Holy Saturday contains a shorter Litany of the Saints.

I can only find the full anywhere.

What is/ where is the abbreviated Litany of the Saints approved for the TLM?
You'd find it in the Holy Saturday liturgy itself. Since it is used nowhere else, there is no point of printing it separately.

The 1962 Liber Usualis is online and easily found by a search. It would have the litany used for Holy Saturday

The one given in the ritual is the full litany.

There are modifications of this for various other processions and ceremonies (so modifying it is not unique). In the Consecration of a Church, for instance, the Saint after whom the building is named is added and the invocation is doubled. For the Procession against Plagues, the part mentions plague, famine and war is doubled and an extra invocation towards the end added in double as well. Those details are mention in the relevant rubric of each Procession, or the Pontifical.
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You can find the Holy Saturday Liturgy with the Litany on Divinum Officium. Just go to 11 April in the Calendar and click on Sancta Missa.
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