What simple foods can I get all my nutrients from?
I'm going on a cut and the easiest way for me to do it is to eat simply; easy things that are easy to portion and figure out macros. I just want to view food as fuel for the next month or so.
Could I just eat a meat, a grain, and a veggie for every meal (ex chicken, quinoa, broccoli) and get all the stuff I need? Or should I supplement with multivitamins? I know meals like that would get me enough protein, carbs, and fats (I'd probably use nuts, cheese, or yogurt as snacks to get more fats), but what about all the other little things a body needs?
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I haven't tried it but from what I understand, fatty meat will supply your body everything your body needs, including vitamins (assuming it's not cooked too much). No, NOT lean meat. Research the carnivore diet.
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I do agree the carnivore diet is excellent, with two additional thoughts: despite the popularity of keto diets, you really do need complex carbohydrates--they're full of fiber, antioxidents, and B and C vitamins. Quinoa seems ideal for this, and I would add any vegetables you might be able to grow yourself; you'd be surprised what can be raised even in a pot. My second concern is this: meat will likely become more expensive--do you hunt, or know anyone with whom you can barter to vary your diet? May God bless your efforts.
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