Fr Cekada Had a Stroke
An FB post from yesterday:

Fr. Cekada had another stroke yesterday, and is in the hospital for tests. He received the Sacraments before he went in, and is his usual chipper self. Further information as we receive it but please do spare him a prayer - SGG Prayer Request Email
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I pray he's well.  I always kind of liked his boyish witticisms and sharp intellect.
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When I began returning to the Church a few years back, I watched a few of his videos and eventually communicated with him via email and on the phone.  I didn't end up a sedevacantist but I found Fr. Cekada to be, in our personal communications, a kind and dedicated priest.  I'll certainly keep him in my prayers.
I have grown over time to be fond of Fr Cekada. I hope he recovers soon.
Have and will.  I'm not gonna lie, Fr Cekada's sanity against everyone accusing sedevacantist of all being uncharitable wackos made sedevacantism less odious to me.  While I no longer agree with him I can't say I dislike the man a single bit.  Hope and pray the best for bp Sanborn as well.  As a northeastener it's hard not be pulled in by his George Costanza-esque charm.

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