For My Beagle Please
(04-02-2020, 07:34 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: My old hound Barney progressively lost his ability to walk on his back legs over a period of months.  Doing the whole palliative care thing and watching him fall on his walks broke my heart, and after losing him close to 1.5-2 years ago I still think of him every day.  

It sounds crazy but I would (and still do)  bless the animals in my life with the sign of the cross while saying "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on x" and I usually ask a certain saint who loved animals such as Paul of Obnora(lived with animals in the forest) , Nectarius of Optina (loved cats) or Gerasimus (had a lion) to watch over them in my absence.  St. Roch with his faithful dog is as good as any.  

Well, hopefully she gets her groove back.  A lethargic beagle is always something out of the ordinary.

I'm so sorry about Barney fb! :(

Yes, I bless Noodles with Holy Water too. 

Lethargic is unusual, but at least she's staying out of the trash...
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Our Parish has an annual pet blessing day and the priest uses a St. Francis of Asissi prayer format. They also pass out, blessed St. Francis metals for the cats and dogs and what ever other animals may come in. We're mostly bucolic here, so one never knows.
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