Job failure...
I hope your stress eases. My sons and wife almost immediately have found themselves unemployed, and I am the only one with steady work online (as I teach, admittedly at two jobs), and I understand the tensions many are under in the retail sector, in particular, in these harried days. I do hope that, given what appears a definite class divide between those able to log in remotely to labor away vs. those who must staff stores, warehouses, delivery services, farms and markets and harvests, health facilities, manufacturing, transport, law and order, and the list goes on, how the MSM is focusing on the comparatively piddling nature of much of the "hardships" out there of those cooped up inside. When the real burdens are shouldered, literally, by those supplying those of us with "shelter in place." Let's hope these "uncertain times" as the car commercials phrase it here result in more compassion towards workers, and more sensitivity towards unrelenting conditions under which millions must earn our keep in an increasingly precarious economy bent on profits for the 1%.
The deeds you do may be the only sermon some people may hear today (Francis of Assisi); Win an argument, lose a soul (Fulton Sheen)
I haven't officially received the offer yet but I was told to expect it.

It is only 4 aisles to stock a day assignment??? From what I!? I did more at Michaels! And I've developed a fairly fast method. I'm going to bring that methodology to Target then.

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