3 days darkness+last pope and monarch
(I dont really remember if I made this thread before)

So;I want to know more about the prophecies of
3 days of darkness
great catholic monarch/last emperor
angelic pope

This prophecies have been -used- by sedes but the prophecies themselves aren't sede. I believe in the divine origen of malachy's papal prophecy(if allowed I can post  the article which convinced me),im also a young man so the idea of an army of humans(not angels)fighting for De Fide makes me want to work out harder and start behaving more warrior-like.

there's lot of saints talking about this but I dunno if the quotes that pop up online are legit.
I don't think the article itself would be offensive.
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Some evil people hacked the forum and now I cant acess the defense :( I will try to contact the author
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(04-03-2020, 05:05 PM)xsantiagox Wrote: there's lot of saints talking about this but I dunno if the quotes that pop up online are legit.
As one with an academic background in medieval religious culture, I'd advise you not to worry about this any more than Nostradamus. It's unapproved, the supposed texts are corrupted and long after the good Irish Saint lived, and it's likely "salted" to back-date its predictions and probably forged, as it appeared only in 1595 when Malachy died in 1148.
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And as one with a theological background, I'd advise people to stay away from the fantastical things (like these unapproved prophecies) if they do not already know their faith well.

It's enough of a battle to stay out of mortal sin every day, especially if we have not taken care of the most basic parts of the Faith. We need to focus on staying in the State of Grace, which whether we die or live through any tribulation is the one thing necessary. No blessed candle or sacramental will replace the State of Grace.

I don't mean to seem mean here, but in a recent post you talked about wanting to go to the seminary, but did not know much about it, like that it had a cost. You also asked some basic questions like whether to be a saint you had to never eat meat.

It's perfectly fine to ask those kinds of questions, and good on you for trying to deepen your Faith, but if, as those questions suggest, you're a young man who is still learning the basics of his Faith, it's good to avoid the more crazy and esoteric stuff, especially when that esoteric and crazy stuff is not even part of approved private revelations.

As yourself if you have read the whole of Scripture at least once. Ask yourself if you pick up good spiritual reading, like St Francis de Sales, or Dom Marmion, or the Curé of Ars, or St Therese, every day and read a bit. Ask yourself if you do a meditation each day and say your Rosary. Ask yourself if you could open the Baltimore Catechism No. 3 and turning to any page, be able to give answers to the questions there on, or talk to someone about why these things are true.

If you could do all of those, then perhaps you might be okay with having a bit of information about the more esoteric claims of some, but if you could say no to any of those, then you need to do that first which, I promise you, will take years, not days. Only after years of that kind of thing will you have built up enough of a balanced spiritual life that the crazy stuff won't infect you.

Otherwise, you're playing with the devil, who will use these esoteric things to sow doubt and worry, and neglect the Faith for the latest revelations and theories. 

Having done a seminary's worth of theology, before leaving for personal reasons (which I'm not keen to discuss), and having been a traddie for over 20 years now, I highly doubt that the Three Days of Darkness, at least as a literal event, is true, especially since while some who have believed it are certainly holy people, none of the revelations surrounding it have been approved by the Church.
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