Legitimate info on smoking health risks
I’m somewhat new to tobacco. I have far more experience with vape. I’m looking for some legitimate unbiased info on the health side-effects of light tobacco use.
I can easily tell that the majority of info available online regarding the health risks of light tobacco use are extremely biased towards either direction, without much middle ground info available. My intro to nicotine was through vaping when I was 18 (currently 21). I very much enjoy a nicotine buzz but have never found myself prone to physical dependency. I quit vaping because I noticed the ease of accessibility was way to high. I could vape constantly during waking hours due to the more pleasant smell (to those around me, I enjoy the smell of tobacco) and the discreet forms it comes in. It didn’t take long for me to realize that could easily lead to a horrible addiction, it was just too easy to consume.
That being said, I still enjoy a nicotine buzz while hanging with friends or on a Friday evening after a long week at work (especially paired with a few fingers of bourbon). And I have started to experiment with the occasional cigarette or cigar to implement that. But I’m looking for some solid information as to the side effects light tobacco use can have. A lot of mainstream media will say that one or two cigarettes a week has nearly the same effect as a heavy consumer. This doesn’t seem logical. But then there are the extreme enthusiasts who will say that tobacco has nearly no negative effects, which is also obviously not true.
What is the truth here? I smoke between 1-3 cigarettes a week, and 1 cigar a month (usually I’m sharing the cigars with friends). Are there legitimate health risks I should be worried about?
I would have no issue eliminating tobacco use if there are actual serious risks involved with my level of consumption. (No offense to heavy consumers, we all have our fix. Mine on a regular basis is personally marijuana). But nicotine has always been a side high for me, and if there are legitimate things to worry about, I’m okay with stopping. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
You didn't notice any physical or mental withdrawl from quitting vaping tobacco?  Just curious.  

In my teens and early 20s i used to smoke tobacco and weed but gave up tobacco with no problems either and haven't gone back.  These days if I've got cannabis I'll smoke it but if not I can take it or leave it, although with weed I'll have a bit of mental cravings and insomnia if I'm coming off a binge, but only lasts a few days.  

Wish I had an answer for you.  Just make sure whatever you do you're careful, real addiction is no joke.  I've been struggling with kratom and/ or opiates for over a decade. Some things are hard as hell to quit and when they've got their claws in you they don't let go. 

Good luck and prayers.
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The problem with nicotine is that it is in the top three most addictive substances known to man.

Just 'smoke' on that point for a moment.

Add to the mix that vaping or smoking are ritualistic behaviors that add a psychological addiction risk to the list as well.

Bottom line, from someone who spent many years caring for those who got caught by one or both of these snares and became deathly ill as a direct result:

If you practice a hazardous occupation/activity, you risk getting hurt. If you do it frequently, you tend to get 'brave' and a feeling of invulnerability can over come your usual sense of caution and then, one day, you find that you have actually been caught in the snare, not realizing how far you came and are now suffering the consequences. Tobacco is a kind of drug and all drugs have side effects. In the case of this drug, they are decidedly disastrous physically and there is very little, if any, recovery from damages done, the farther in you go.

Be very careful!
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I started out light with tobacco, first chewing tobacco then snuff. Maybe once a week when I was out with friends. After a couple of years I was a regular user. I transitioned to smoking and really enjoyed it. I went back and forth throughout my 20 or so years of use. I've lost a couple of close family members to lung cancer and a couple more are very unhealthy because of smoking.

About 14 years ago my son said, "dad, I don't want you to die young". He was referring to my tobacco use. I realized that my addiction was selfish and that it caused my loved ones to suffer. I quit shortly thereafter and haven't had any tobacco since.

My advice would be to stop if you can. There are plenty of other thing to enjoy.
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I quit for my wife who asked me to. Everyone thinks I'm brave and such a better man for having the courage to "give it up." They are sadden and dismayed when I tell them I miss it every damn day and if the wonderful scientists over at the Tobacco companies manage to make pigs fly, I will be smoking them by the carton.
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Smoking leads to illness and disability, and is harmful to almost every body organ.
More than 16 million Americans suffer with a smoking-induced illness. For every person dying from smoking, there are at least 30 people living with a serious smoking-related disease. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease , stroke , lung disease, diabetes , and chronic pulmonary obstructive where am i  disease ( COPD) which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking also raises the risk of hepatitis, certain eye disorders and immune system issues like rheumatoid arthritis.
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