Looking for a good ginger beer
I've recently taken a strong liking to the Moscow Mule and want to make some at home. So I'm looking for recommendations for a good ginger beer. I'm a big fan of the strong spice and very much not a fan of sweet. Anyone know of a good brand that'll give me that throat burn I'm looking for?
I tried Crabbie's but I find it's way too sweet and had to add a bunch of actual ginger to even taste any. I also don't really care about the ginger beer itself containing alcohol. I'll add what I want with the vodka. Thanks!
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I would suggest Barritt's Ginger Beer, from Bermuda. It has a pleasant spicyness and is fairly balanced with a pleasant acidity. Alternatively, I would also suggest the ginger beers from The Ginger People, which is one of the spiciest ginger beers on the market without being cloyingly sweet.

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