road trip then possibly moving
(04-20-2020, 12:22 PM)capmchuck Wrote: Once this virus fog lifts and things start to get back to normal, I am planning a road trip to Sioux Falls, SD in an effort to see if it's somewhere to possibly move.  Ever since I became Catholic, my relations between friend and family have really become distant and somewhat toxic.  I have grown far apart from my parents and sister and I cannot imagine settling down back here.  Why I came back, only God knows.  I currently desire to have my own family (priesthood not off the table) and after much research and reading, Sioux Falls seems to be a very ideal place; politically, socially, economically, etc.  I truly believe in order to grow in my Catholic Faith, given my situation, I may have to sever all ties, seal my past, and start anew.

Care to share any similar experiences?

Thanks so much and God Bless.
All I can say is good luck to you - and my prayers, of course.  Plus, stay away from hog farming/processing for now...

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