SSPX Sex Scandals And Cover Ups
The SSPX also issued today clarifications about two cases listed by Church Militant as well as a third case which was not mentioned by the CM article :
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Well, both the hell bound apostate, Rod Dreher, and Damian Thompson have weighed in against the SSPX.
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This is where, as MM and others have mentioned others about "Trad, Inc" and "Unite the Clans," I've been thinking more and more lately that consolidating the narrative into the hands of a few laymen of what "traditional Catholicism" is and should be about is seriously problematic. When Voris tweets: "Trust me on this. In a couple of weeks - you’ll be seeing all this in an ENTIRELY different light. Stay tuned" (, he's implying at least that if there are sex abusers among the SSPX priests, that this should factor into whether you receive sacraments from them, and that borders on Donatism. I don't care if the N.O. priest I confess to twirls around with women at the altar or worse; if he gives a valid absolution, I will offer prayers of thanksgiving for him as well as protection and conversion, as I always do.

Not much else to say about the CM stuff than what everyone else has. Even if the article is 99% true, its tone, approach, and subsequent follow ups will definitely cripple and lessen CM's credibility in the eyes of many tradition friendly Catholics.
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Yeesh. People say (myself included) "utterly convincing" so often about so many things that the phrase means nothing anymore. If the CM article was "utterly convincing," then it just reveals how many people are deeply impressionable. When one hears about mob and herd mentalities, one always brushes it off saying, "Nah, that could never be me." Yet we are so blind and foolish in our pride that by making that very statement, we join everyone else, who also said the same thing, and thus prove the point.

Dreher writes, "...then it needs to come out. All of it. Everything."

And like we've seen so many times, sex abuse (and #MeToo, etc) display so powerfully why we must not rashly cast aside the long-standing principles of our Western legal system. We think just because we have strong feelings that we can start wildly waving our fists, thinking that if we hit something we are being effective, and that our feelings justify any action we think is necessary to arrive at "justice," not realizing that justice is done precisely when clarity and principles are abided by through thick and thin. The thought that the world has a right to know everything that privately happens is ridiculous. Perhaps only in an age of instant communication, celebrity culture, social media do we think that just because "everyone's doing it" by posting pictures of every aspect of their lives for everyone else, so should I. The ideas of reputation and the collective good of communities are such quaint notions to us moderns even though we take conscious delight when both are dragged through the mud.

What many people don't realize is that confidentiality, prudence, respect of reputations can make these situations incredibly difficult to navigate. Most don't realize it because they have never been in those sorts of situations.
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(04-22-2020, 02:55 PM)xsantiagox Wrote: what's the canonical status of the SSPX?
I heard so much contradictory info about them.
Unregulated order. But in good standing. There is suggestions that they may not have been excommunicated at all as well. The problem is that NO Catholics like to pretend the TLM was abrogated and so they insist SSPX remains excommunicated despite all evidence to the contrary.
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I just visited his Twitter and it seems he's has a documentary about the "rise and fall of the SSPX"... oh, how the mighty have fallen mr. Voris.
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(04-25-2020, 06:17 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: Well, both the hell bound apostate, Rod Dreher, and Damian Thompson have weighed in against the SSPX.
I do think it's funny that Dreher agreed that Church Militant was a tabloid and then had to walk it back afterward. 

Niles blocked me on Twitter for saying this in response to someone who emailed them and was quickly insulted:"I think it's disturbing that any time anyone questions the validity of CM on any case they automatically jump to calling you a pedo apologist. It's relatively clear some of their report was flawed and we just want real answers, not something fogged with with opaque rhetoric."
First all this covid-19 nonsense which is destroying our economy and we can't get to Mass or confession. And now this. Got about halfway through the Gordon brothers' interview with CM and turned it off...

Do you know what I did? I had some pasta and wine and a chocolate muffin. It didn't make me feel any better. Took a nap on the sofa. Still didn't feel much better after waking up. Then I did some sewing after dinner with one of my daughters and started to feel a little better. I'm going to do a little more sewing after rosary and screen time Mass today. 

What a hot mess!
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Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.
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For a man like Dreher who supposedly happily left Catholicism its astounding to me how much time and effort he puts writing articles attacking it.  If he's truly happy doing whatever he's doing these days (OCA? ROCOR?) then drop the Catholic harassment stuff.  

As for the the alleged sex abuse scandals they happen everywhere,  both in any and all religious traditions and secular settings. Dealing with disordered lust is not the exclusive property of what outsiders consider to be "Catholic Amish". 

As for me I have no real skin in the game one way or another.  It's sad to see sexual abuse happening in ANY community because of the damage it does on so many levels.  

All I can say is I really can't stand Rod Dreher. His constant nastiness and unwillingness to just drop it when it comes to his former religion tells me he's still obsessed with Catholicism on some level, he's scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to sell articles or a bit of both. He's truly one of the most obnoxious of the very public "konvertsi" that plagues so called public Orthodoxy.  If only he were more like all the nameless folks who just quietly converted, lived lives of repentance and focused on their own sins.
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