SSPX Sex Scandals And Cover Ups
I don't know if this has been reported on this thread, yet, but as part of the SSPX's "Plan to Protect" an independent review board is being established:

Quote:The American District of the United States Society of Saint Pius X extends its policy: “Plan to Protect” to all people who are victims of abuse or those wishing to submit their complaints concerning the comportment of one of its members or employees.

According to the dispositions of the protocols in force in the Society, the District Superior will institute an Independent Review Board on a permanent basis.

This organization has the responsibility to advise him specifically at the preliminary level in the assessment of allegations, assistance to the alleged victim, assistance to the alleged abuser, civil and canonical procedures, administration of immediate pastoral measures, etc. At a minimum, the Independent Review Board will include a married couple, a civil lawyer, a doctor, and a canonist priest. We reserve the right to include others on a temporary or permanent basis.

More info here:
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(04-29-2020, 01:39 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: FYI-

[Image: 6.jpg]

In response to this Church Militant wrote a list of demands and questions to the St. Mary's PD with a time limit and published it.
I didn't think they could get more vile.
Quote:Chief Derek Cid,
I appreciate your taking the time to respond. However, my call was in reference to the press release itself, and not on getting the press release. To that end, please respond to the following questions.
1) Your press release references an unnamed online media article. Are you referring to Saint Michael's Media/Church Militant and the article SSPX: 'Sympathetic to Perverts'?
2) I understand size and location affects technology and reporting from office to office in law enforcement (I, for example, am most familiar with Spillman). With that understanding, how does administration track police reports in your department? Do you record audio? Do your officers take notes? Do you have case numbers for every caller? How do people search for their case number?
3) Victims have reported to St. Michael's Media that their case was reported to the city police department. Since your press release denies having "botched" investigations, can you provide the reports stating you advised the victims that you re-directed them to the Sheriff's office?
4) Is it your department's policy to not do a report at all for a victim who calls, if it takes place outside your city jurisdiction?
5) In some cities and counties, there are sometimes overlap where city cops will take an investigation outside of their city limits and deputies will investigate inside of a city if they are the closest or most available unit. Is it your department's policy to do this or not do this?
6) You state that there is a concern for the perception of your department as involved in cover-ups. Are you accusing St. Michael's Media of libel?
7) In order to have the correct public record, are you willing to cooperate with follow-up questions to achieve transparency?
8) Are you aware that your press release has the potential to be used by the abusers of the victims who came forward to try and discredit the victims as liars?
9) Are you willing to correct your public press release to say that you do not accuse Saint Michael's Media of libel, and your press release should not be taken to mean that the citizens, who have been victimized, in your jurisdiction are liars?
10) It is understandable that someone who came into their position as Chief of Police in 2018 may or may not be responsible for negligence prior to their assuming office. Is your role as Chief of Police the first position you have held in the Saint Marys Police Department? How many years of experience have you had as a police officer, Sergeant, Specialist, Detective, or any other category within Saint Marys Police Department, or the surrounding cities and/or counties?
11) Are you elected to your position or appointed? If appointed, whom by? If you are unwilling to, as your statement says, "be fair, impartial, and transparent." Who is your superior in the civil government who I may direct my questions to?
12) Are you now, or have you ever been, in any way, an affiliate of the SSPX?
Thank you for your time and willingness to aid in the proper reporting and investigation of criminal sexual assault and cover-up. Your statement gives the impression that your department holds itself to the highest standards of policing, and I look forward to working with you to ensure that government transparency is maintained for the sake of the citizens under your care. Please respond to this email no later than 1300 hours, Eastern Standard Time, on 04/29/2020. You are also welcome to call our office number and request myself, [employee name].
Just when you think they can't sink any lower into the pit of filth, they surprise you and deliberately dive deeper.
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(05-03-2020, 10:09 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: Just when you think they can't sink any lower into the pit of filth, they surprise you and deliberately dive deeper.

What reputable media organization ever sends a questionnaire to someone who they want to interview and then when they do not reply, publishes the questions?

As I was on a large college newspaper editorial staff in university, we took mandatory classes in journalistic ethics, and I can tell you that such things would not fly, because it suggests blackmail: "Answer my questions, or I will publish the questions." If that were permitted, a journalist who wished to libel an organization could simply ask questions like, "are the claims that you blackmailed former employees into sexual favors true?" and when the person does not answer the questions because they know they are not fair, will have this suggestion floated.

This is why reputable news organizations (even places like CNN) will only ever say, "[insert name here] did not return our calls for comment as of the time of publication," or something similar.

While on the subject, Christine Niles has been doxxing people who have questioned her. Recently Niles responded to a man who asked about the financing for the SSPX investigation, by dragging out former convictions he had on his record, and sharing his personal details publicly.

Interestingly in the same thread where this happened, people then attacked Niles' questionable past (which is possibly sinful and should be off limits in Christian Charity, but she did resort to such tactics), she decried this lack of Charity.

She and Voris have also been publishing SSPX priests and staff e-mails and calling for people to flood them with questions.

Again, there may be legitimate concerns with some of these cases, but this type of behavior makes a legitimate investigation of that impossible, and looks like nothing but bully tactics to try to harm anyone they can in their effort to destroy the SSPX and anyone who does.

It's just horrifically ironic that CM, who claims to be wanting to clean up the filth, resorts to diabolical filthy tactics. They are trying to cast out devils by Beelzebub.
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Quote:Other allegations from sources in St. Marys as well as around the world are revealing a pattern not only of pedophilia and incest in tight-knit SSPX communities, but also of clergy looking the other way and even protecting the abusers. Church Militant continues to investigate these cases and will report on them as more information unfolds.

Dear Lord!
You have an axe to grind, I get it, but is this is... despicable.
Now not only in St. Marys, but the SSPX as a whole, faithful included, are a bunch of disgusting perverts?

I'll add these people to my night prayers.
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I just checked Trackalytics. It doesn't look like their little ploy to save their bacon is working. Their page views and unique visitors just keep going down.

I, too, will add them to my prayers. For their return to the Faith and the destruction of their divisive 'ministry'.
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I wouldn't be surprised if one day an angel comes down to CM headquarters with a parchment, saying:

I have nothing to do with your organisation, so stop using my name.
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Voris used to look silly with his whirling pencil and the mantra of the Vortex being the place "where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed." Now he's just desperate.

It's not that the Society is incapable of covering up things but we'll have to wait and see.
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[Image: EXNyj_LXQAEWgCD?format=png&name=large]
This was just posted to Twitter with Christine Niles from Church Militant tagged.
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