How is everyone going to confession?
I'm pretty fortunate. Our parish still offers confession, but are very strict on the number of people allowed into the church (10, including the priests, iirc).

You enter through the narthex on one side, are verbally greeted by an usher, who also ensures more than 10 people aren't in the building. Confession is done beside the sacristy, sitting on a small wooden bench, with a large sheet screen blocking you from the priest. After receiving absolution, you spray and wipe the bench with disinfectant (provided) then exit, doing your penance outside, either in your car, at home, or (my preference) by the parish grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe (lovely area, actually).

MyLady Wrote:Just to be more precise.

If you want a takeaway or the ‘liquor store’ - no problem!

I know, right? Here in VA, churches were one of the first things shut down by the governor. Yet bars, restaurants, and the VA Beach boardwalk was left open. Then he threw a hissy because tons of people were out violating social distancing protocol on beaches (duh. what did he expect?), and signed a stay at home order, encouraging folks to wear masks out in public. Which I found ironic, as the last time he wore a mask (or was it dark makeup?) he got in a bit of hot water for it.

Funny thing is, ABC stores are still open, but no one seems to be enforcing any kind of social distancing, number of people gathered, or mask wearing in them. This despite parishes being uber-careful to not have too many people, etc, so as too not run afoul the government.
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