How is everyone going to confession?
(05-11-2020, 05:11 PM)Melkite Wrote:
(05-11-2020, 04:43 PM)Cyriacus Wrote: Right now, I'm living in an Oriental Orthodox seminary as a guest while doing studies at a university. We have a lockdown situation here, so, under the terms of an ecumenical agreement from the 1970s between the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and the Papacy, this qualifies as a situation of pastoral necessity according to my Catholic priest here. The theology of the Syriac tradition does not distinguish between sins requiring confession and those which are absolved through general absolution given at the end of the liturgy before partaking of the Eucharist.

As soon as the lockdown situation is lifted (we also have additional restrictions imposed upon us for the safety of the seminary community, which includes some older and frail people), I will go to a Catholic priest for confession.

That's interesting about the agreement between the Syriacs and Rome for pastoral necessity.  Do you know if this agreement is with all Oriental Orthodox, or just the Syriac church specifically?

I've always had the impression that the Oriental Orthodox were friendlier towards Rome than the Eastern Orthodox, has this been your experience as well?  I do not know if we have similar agreements with any of the Eastern Orthodox churches on pastoral necessity, but I've had a few Orthodox tell me that their position is, at least unofficially, that their priests would not give sacraments to Catholics, even on the deathbed, without at least some presumption of intent to convert to Orthodoxy.
It's very interesting.  It sort of implies that there's a real communion.  Oriental Orthodox to my knowledge have a different Christology (not according to academics though) compared to Chalcedonian Orthodox and Roman Catholics so that would be weird.  The Christological differences are not just academic points of interest, all true theology is in some way integrally related to Christology. The early Church had whole councils specifically on Christological controversy.  I know modern academics tend to dismiss the differences as semantic only but I'm not so convinced.  At any rate it's interesting.  It implies that the Christology of non Chalcedonians and RC's are exactly the same or that Christology isn't an issue when it comes to communion or at least confession.
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