Four cardinals join global appeal decrying crackdown on basic freedoms over coronavir
(05-10-2020, 04:59 PM)LionHippo Wrote: I do not think this is an "orchestrated attack" in the sense that this virus was designed and intentionally spread by some covert entity.

I do.

(05-10-2020, 04:59 PM)LionHippo Wrote: The virus itself is most likely a naturally occurring pathogen just like hundreds of others.

I thought the same, but having these 4 within 20 years all in the same places where Bill Gates, WHO, UN etc all have their tentacles is far too much of a coincidence, and when one takes off, who gets tones of money to combat it?.... follow the money. I'm glad Trump is defunding the WHO, how can Bill Gates be something like the second largest donor? When your the largest donor to something, your also the largest shareholder aka you own it.

(05-10-2020, 04:59 PM)LionHippo Wrote: There may be an extreme remote chance that it "escaped" from a lab somehow, but at this point, the genesis of the disease doesn't matter too much.

How can the origin not matter? If you don't care about it's genesis, then COVID 2.0 and 3.0 etc etc is an inevitability. Are these lock downs going to become the new normal? I absolutely think it escaped from the Wuhan lab, it's just far too much of a coincidence and I don't think the Chinese Communist Government did it on purpose, but I do suspect a sinister plot by others even in the west like Bill Gates who could have got it released, loosening of red tape here, a little bribe there and it was bound to happen with a poorly run bio lab.

(05-10-2020, 04:59 PM)LionHippo Wrote: The "orchestrated attack" is the narrative of fear created by the media and largely left-leaning politicians.

No, they are all saying that such things are 'conspiracy theory' and are pushing for more funding to these organizations and especially in regards to Bill Gates and his vaccination program, that's why they are doing their best to discredit Hydroxychloroquine because there is no major money in it. If you get people scared enough with these lock downs and viruses, and then come out with a world wide vaccine, 7 billion people at how much a vaccine? (not to mention proper testing and side effects of a vaccine) Imagine the trillions of dollars these people like Bill Gates stand to make? Who already believe the world is over populated and would have no qualms killing millions for the 'greater good'.

(05-10-2020, 04:59 PM)LionHippo Wrote: The thing is, if the President would have told these states beforehand to shut down and restrict certain things, they wouldn't have obeyed, and would have responded that they knew better than him how to run their states. But then he gets the blame for everything, taking no responsibility themselves. "He should have told us to cancel Mardi Gras!" said the mayor of New Orleans.

The media is effective because they report elements of truth, while omitting a lot of facts, and using strong language and visuals, emotional stories, etc., to exaggerate stories to force a certain agenda and narrative. This, coupled with the fact that we live in a very "sound-bite" society of many people who may not read past a headline or caption, more easily lets their concocted agenda achieve its purpose.


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