Catholic Germans offer novel perspective on 'sensus fidelium'
These processes [women in ordained ministry, allowance of homosexual unions and relations, powers of laity] must be taken very seriously as expressions of the ‘sensus fidelium.’ If this does not happen, matters could proceed to a division from the outside of the Catholic Church, which can already be glimpsed on the inside.”

“In theological research we do not agree on how binding is the affirmation in the apostolic letter ‘Ordinatio sacerdotalis’ of Pope John Paul II, acccording to which the exclusion of women from the sacramental ministry must be ‘definitive tenendam,’ or a decision ‘to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful.’ [...] In this regard, it is necessary to consider the fundamental theme of the development of dogmas [...] and also to evaluate what theological importance is held by the perception of the non-reception of an opinion of the magisterium among the people of God.”

“A further development of the ministry of proclamation could lead to entrusting women and men employees or volunteers with the task of preaching, baptism, assistance with marriage, blessing the sick, and funerals. This is already happening in many dioceses.”

“Questions about the appropriateness of a doctrinal decision in the context of the universal Church must be separated from the question of principle on the theological legitimacy of the argument. What must be justified is not the admission of women to the ordained sacramental ministry, but their exclusion.”

“Women must participate in appreciable numbers in the consultations and decisions of the assemblies of bishops worldwide, at least with the right to vote.”

“In recent times there have been the decisions of the associations of Catholic women in Germany (KFD and KDFB), as well as of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK), in which on the basis of theological arguments there is highlighted the need for women's participation in all ordained ministries. These decisions and their justifications should be evaluated and appraised on the synodal journey and made part of an open and fruitful synodal dialogue with the universal Church and the papal magisterium. As Pope Francis points out, it is a matter of exercising together the ‘sentire cum ecclesia,’ listening to the true requests of the communion of Christian faith.”

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