Whole Leaf Tobacco Blending?
I've recently started buying whole leaf tobacco by the pound, and shredding and blending it myself. I'm surprised about how little information I can find. So far I've tried Canadian Lemon (tastes like hay to me), Virginia Bright and Red Leaf, Kentucky Burley (a little goes a long way, but I use it in all my blends) and a few Orientals; Izmir and Prilep (meh, but definitely smooth a blend out), Basma (a wonderful light tobacco with loads of floral tones), Katerini (still mild, but full of a unique funky flavor that the Izmir and Prilep only hint at) and Latakia (careful with this one).
My wife smoked Marlborough 27s, and she likes a strong red leaf blend. I smoked menthols, so I didn't like tobacco, but I find that a blend leading toward the Greek tobaccos is my cup of tea.
There's more tobacco to try, and I'd love your input, and if anyone has questions I can answer, I'd love to help.
What's your blend?
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