'Emergency calls only'
Anybody else having trouble with a cell phone?

Where we live out in the country, service is always spotty at best, but now it's nearly non-existent.

I miss our landline. It worked.
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I have a 'Tracphone' LG Flip phone. I also live in a rural area in North Florida, just north of Gainesville. My daughters complain, when they visit, how hard it is to use their phones in my house. I like it that way and when I am out and about, my phone works just fine and I haven't had to 'upgrade' since I put my first 'smart phone' away in 2010. This one cost me $15 and I can text on it as well as talk to someone--ya on a telephone, whoda thought? It also will give me access to internet, so I can check the weather radar while I am out and about, especially during the summer when thunderstorms are an issue.

As for the 'land line', I have one of those and don't plan on parting with it. Cell phones can be sketchy during a hurricane, but I've found the landline is often more reliable. Then of course, I have my 2 meter HAM radio, which always works.

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This is good advice. I'll be getting a 'Tracphone'.
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