(05-16-2020, 10:56 AM)SeekerofChrist Wrote:
(05-16-2020, 10:32 AM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote:
(05-15-2020, 06:47 PM)newenglandsun Wrote: I am committing apostasy. This is too much. It's the Church of Virtual Reality. Good bye.

Man up.

I can't help but think of martyrs like the Christians that wicked Nero burned alive as his scapegoats, or of St. Perpetua and St. Felicity slain by gladiators, or St. Ignatius ripped apart by beasts, and so many countless others.  Did these brave souls say "enough, I quit"?  Do we think that because we must suffer through cowardly, worldly leadership, that the Faith must be false?  If God did not spare his martyrs the terrible deaths they endured, why should we expect to be so privileged as to always have solid leaders at the helm?  This isn't the first time our bishops have shown their true colors to be different shades of yellow, nor is it the first time that many of our pastors have been inadequate to the role.  Did the faithful of ages past say "enough, I quit"?  Some did and they are gone now.  The Church remains, just as Christ promised it would.  I encourage our friend to rethink his decision and turn back from such a fateful choice.  In Hell, one might be able to say "this is too much" but one never gets to say "goodbye" to the eternal punishment.

I pray we will keep the Faith, by God's grace. Whatever happens, we know the ending. Any trials will only prove to make that ending more wonderful to God's Glory!
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.
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(05-15-2020, 06:47 PM)newenglandsun Wrote: I am committing apostasy. This is too much. It's the Church of Virtual Reality. Good bye.

The short answer is pray the Rosary every day. Have you given up on her? Pray her Rosary and leave it up to her. I will add you to my Rosary intentions and ask that you add me to yours.

I have to say I have strong temptations to give up too. It seems that in less than a week the entire Church, along with the Protestants, completely caved in to this overreach of the government. In many places the Church went over and above the government orders. In my diocese not only were drive-through Masses banned (though allowed by the government) but Confessions as well. My only thought is the hierarchy doesn’t really believe. I share your temptation to despair.
And here is how God keeps me from giving in to that temptation. The Blessed Mother has appeared numerous times and warned us of these last days. The current state of affairs really shouldn’t surprise us.
"Many shall abandon the Faith, and great shall be the number of priests and religious who shall separate themselves from the true religion; among these there will be found bishops.” – Our Lady of La Salette
“The Catholic spirit will rapidly decay; the precious light of Faith will gradually be extinguished until there will be an almost total and general corruption of customs…. These depraved priests, who will scandalize the Christian people, will make the hatred of bad Catholics and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church fall upon all priests. This apparent triumph of Satan will bring enormous suffering to the good Pastors of the Church.” – Our Lady of Good Success
“The secular clergy will leave much to be desired because priests will become careless in their sacred duties. Lacking the divine compass, they will stray from the road traced by God for the priestly ministry, and they will become attached to wealth and riches, which they will unduly strive to attain. How the Church will suffer during this dark night! Lacking a prelate and a father to guide them ... many priests will lose their spirit, placing their souls in great danger.” – Our Lady of Good Success
I'm sure there are many more quotations out there. For me the takeaway is the Blessed Mother warned us these things were coming but NEVER did she give even the slightest hint that the faithful should give up on bad priests and bishops and pastors. Her fundamental assumption is that we stay faithful to Christ and his Church. Our job is not to judge or rule. Our job is to pray the Rosary and remain faithful to the faith of all time.

Be assured, Her Immaculate Heart WILL triumph! I pray you and I will persevere to see that.
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Our Lord said the gates of Hell won’t prevail, so what’s the worry?
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NewEnglandSun, please, what is the problem? I can see by your profile that you've checked into the forum several times since your OP. We all want to help you, but since we don't even know what's bothering you, it's difficult. Prayers for you at any rate.
Jovan-Marya of the Immaculate Conception Weismiller, T.O.Carm.

Vive le Christ-roi! Vive le roi, Louis XX!
Deum timete, regem honorificate.
Kansan by birth! Albertan by choice! Jayhawk by the Grace of God!
“Qui me amat, amet et canem meum. (Who loves me will love my dog.)” 
St Bernard of Clairvaux

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You do recognize, yes, that some of us are regularly checking this forum just to see if you’ve responded? We’re supposed to carry one another’s burdens; that’s the example of Christ, after all.
We’re trying to help out here, but unless you speak with us it’s going to be hard to do.
This is not some clever trickery; we want to help you. Period. PM us if you need to.
Perhaps you’re mentally “tapped out” from all the working and isolation, and may need some good rest, some contemplative silence and prayer.
Bodily fatigue isn’t pleasant, but being deprived of the Sacraments — the very means of salvation — has been hard on all of us.
But we need to trust in God. He’s still in charge, no matter what happens.
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I've gone through periods of not practicing due to depression and anxiety, but I've never wanted to leave the Church. In fact, I had a really comforting dream last year, where someone was trying to get me to leave the Church and become Protestant, and I said to him: "No matter how bad things get, I will never abandon my Mother." I was going through a bout of depression at the time, but the dream helped me to realize that my heart was in the right place, at least. My advice would be to make acts of Spiritual Communion, and acts of desire for the Bread of Heaven. Two of my favorite saints, Teresa of Jesus and Therese of the Child Jesus, weren't able to receive Communion as frequently as they wanted to, because of the customs of the time. Thinking of that is consoling to me: they were able to reach such heights of sanctity through obedience, even in something like that. Right now we're being asked to go without the Mass and the Sacraments, and we have to embrace obedience to our Bishops as much as possible.
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I will echo Fulton Fan here, to say that I too check this thread from time to time to see if you have responded, hoping you're okay. I don't have much to add, so I will simply add my prayers to those of the others here. Hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks be to God, I received a note from newenglandsun. He's not well and today was anointed as absolution. He assured me that he values your friendship and prayers; please continue to pray. For the time being he is unable to participate; I'm certain he would have posted if he'd felt able. (He's not the kind to leave another hanging without response.)

May God bless you all for your generosity.
Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
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(05-15-2020, 06:47 PM)newenglandsun Wrote: I am committing apostasy. This is too much. It's the Church of Virtual Reality. Good bye.

This is the new "Springtime of the Church", right?  

What do you do to your garden in the springtime?   You add manure.  

First you shovel manure onto your garden.   Today, in the Church, it kind of feels like maybe we're in that stage sometimes.  We look to, oh certain leaders for guidance and inspiration, and instead we get our faith buried in a load of manure.

But then you dig into that good old faithful earth, and you raise it up into the light of day, and overturn the soil.  

The garden will be more fruitful for having enduring this.  

Enjoy your Spring!  May the rain fall softly on your fields.

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